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Terry S.

I purchased my current home in late summer of 2006. A home inspector and myself inspected the roof and found no problems. By spring of 2007 I suspected that I might have some roofing problems. I am a building inspector by profession and I met Joel Sevilla while doing an inspection for a roof that he was currently doing. His knowledge and professionalism impressed me.

After we spoke for a while I explained that I thought perhaps that there may be a problem with my own roof. Joel immediately said that he would be happy to climb up and take a look. After he completed his inspection, he stated he found some problems that were possibly weather related and that I should contact my insurance company but either way I should address the problem as soon as possible.

I called my insurance company and spoke with an adjuster and explained what I was told. The adjuster inspected the roof and confirmed what Joel had stated. Jim C. led the crew that was assigned to my home; they arrived on time and proceeded to tear the roof off my home in no time flat. They kept the grounds clean and free of debris. The crew and Jim were wonderful and spoke with me through out the project and answered all my questions. I am very scrutinized as an inspector and did no less with this project.


HGR Construction Services - 2014