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Gary K

In April, 2012, your firm installed 6-inch seamless gutters, oversized downspouts, and heavy duty gutter screens on my 23 year old home. Prior to that installation, the old gutters had significant problems keeping up with heavy rainfall and typically overflowed during even moderate rains. Compounding the problem with gutter age, size, and pitch was the fact that the house was set into a grove of oak trees and all that comes with it, including oak seedlings, leaves, branches, acorns, etc. Even though screens were involved on the old gutters, they still clogged regularly. Past gutter overflows put strain on the sump pump and caused leakage around the eaves.

I can tell you now 1.5 years after HGR installed the new gutter system system - that I could not be happier with the performance of the gutters and screens. We are experiencing very heavy downpours in the area today, and I continue to have zero problems with gutter overflows.

I wanted to share this feedback with you after some time passed to let you know that the gutter size and screen combination is working very well in this very challenging environment.


HGR Construction Services - 2014